Our World and its Stereotypes

Our world is so full of stereotypes. You should do that, you should be that but maybe if you see each person like a colour you would just see how different we are, how every person is unique and how we all need to make our own choices. In our world no one tell’s the truth about their feelings anymore, you feel something but you say something else. Things that seem real for a moment are not real anymore.

Girls should take care of the house, Boys can’t cry, and Children can’t change the world are things people don’t say out loud but it’s there whispering in the background shining like little glitter in movies, in thoughts, in the fact that we don’t shout out together its wrong. We don’t realise we are thinking about it’s just something that travels in the wind. For example we open the doors for the ladies, you do know they can do that themselves. It’s when you say to a child its impossible your just too young but maybe that child is the next legend!

To show everyone’s uniqueness you need to first accept that everyone, everyone in our world is a human being we all make mistakes, we all have feelings, we all are strong, we can all fight because if an outsider threatens our world I can promise that¬† every beating heart in our world will help because we all are selfish, because we are all selfless, because we are all humans and because we are all alive. And when the time comes each one will help in their own way.

So let them shine in their own way, let the girl rise to the top, let her fight give her help when she needs it, let the kid think let her/him dream, let the boy cry so we can also move on, forgive, accept and some times just let it be. Don’t let anyone force you.

Because only when everyone plays the part their gut tells them to play then only the puzzle will fit and then only it will look beautiful. Let go of what the world thinks and do the right thing because we got the opportunity to make a choice for a reason.

You will think that what if I make the wrong choice, what if I burn everything down and its possible I am not saying it’s not but it’s also possible that you go so high that you reach the sky (just make sure its right from your soul to your mind that it will help you and harm nobody) Just fly!!

People talk about all those criminals all of the choices they make but no human being is born that way the world shapes them so shape the world in such a way that there is no more, tell them the difference between right and wrong teach them to listen to their gut, teach them to follow their heart, teach them to feel, to find light in every shadow.

So all I am saying is that our world was very big and we made it quite small now keep it together because it’s the most beautiful thing, the only thing that you can belive in because once you let everyone shine the world will become brighter than the sun. So fly and don’t stop at the sky because you can go higher and if you fall rise from the ashes because you are the possible, the impossible and the one!———-Live life your way


The world’s a big place. But dreams are even bigger and you can build a dream on anything from a drop of water to a hotel on Mars. My dreams are big and diffrent and I am ready to go ahead and change the world to make it into my, your and our dream world. In my blog we will look into the aspects of history, divulge into the colurs of art, talk about politics, litreture and many more things. I am here to talk, write and share. My name is Srishti and welcome to my blog